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Today’s modern FMCG consumers and businesses have changed their purchasing habits. With the rising online and mobile usage, shoppers have more choices than ever before. How then can we align our businesses to the changing customers?

If your business has a website, you may want to assess the following:

  • Consumers’ and Business’ purchasing has gone online. Is your website reaching out to them?
  • The FMCG today is very competitive. Does your business have a strong presence online to win?
  • Are you achieving successful results from marketing campaigns to your target audience through effective touchpoints?

If any of the above answers is ‘no’, then here lies the opportunity to improve. Website consulting can help to identify the gaps and improvement areas.

You can have the most beautiful and impressive website in the world, but if your customers cannot find it, they cannot buy your products or services. How can you reach out to your customers in the online world?

Consider SEO – Search Engine Optimisation: the Most Important and Essential of any website and online business. SEO is a very powerful online strategy used to achieve high ranking of web pages in search engines for relevant search terms, with the aim of driving targeted online visitors to a website or online marketing campaign.

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Benefits of SEO To FMCG Businesses


The fast moving consumer goods industry is a very competitive business. Having a strong presence online will always help you connect better with modern tech savvy consumers. Effective touchpoints through online and mobile effectively bring products and services to the fingertips of your consumers. Good SEO tactics will place your business ranking above your competitors.

If you have a new product to launch or new activation, a complete 360 marketing campaign with online communication is now a must. How to ensure your consumers see and hear your marketing messages? SEO will facilitate and deliver this outcome.

IngSights offers SEO expert consulting services that can provide extremely powerful results to business owners in Singapore. Contact us today for a free assessment of your website. Let us help to take your online business to a whole new level with our effective SEO services!



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