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IngSights Consulting Services

IngSights Consulting Services is Singapore’s trusted FMCG business consulting service. We provide the insights our clients need to reach their business goals and succeed in the FMCG industry. If your small to medium or enterprise level start-up business needs a team of consultants they can depend on, let IngSights Consulting Services show you what our experience and professionalism can do for you today.

Our Mission

IngSights Consulting Services has made it our mission is to help new entrants as well as small to medium-size business owners grow their businesses and succeed in the Singapore FMCG industry. Our consulting advisory services are chosen by many of the top professionals because we offer solutions that give them a more efficient and effective business in lesser time with better ROI.

Our Services

IngSights Consulting Services offers a wide range of professional services including:

Hi, my name is Ing Hui and I am the founder of IngSights Consulting Services Pte Ltd.

If you are like me, you will want your business to run effectively, efficiently and, most of all, successfully. I have over 25 years of experience working alongside some of the global top Brand Owners, Distributors, Retailers and F&B professionals. From sales, trade and channel marketing, market planning, merchandising, sourcing, training and more, I have built my network across all channels in the FMCG industry. Since 2014, I have been certified in Advanced Search Engine Marketing. Now, I provide my professional consulting advisory services and training to businesses, just like yours, to help them attain growth and success.

If these goals are important to your business, let me and my team support you on your journey to business success!

Ing Hui Chen

Founder, IngSights Consulting Services Pte Ltd

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