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Are you planning to start your FMCG business in Singapore? Or you are starting a new product line here? We can help you do the groundwork and provide more information for your new business.


One of the most important is an analysis of your target market structure Analysis. IngSights provides Market Structure Analysis that gives you the evaluation which includes:

  • Overview of the Singapore FMCG landscape

This is the very first step in any strategic market analysis. This creates a solid foundation through which possible business opportunities can be evaluated and brand strategies developed. We provide an overview of the environment that your brand would operate in and how to operate, in order to ensure future brand growth.

  •  Product Category

How is your product category like in Singapore? Some businesses exclude adapting to local market, which is a key strategy in brand growth. We carry out research to determine the various possible groups of customers; and what they anticipate from your products that are not already being provided in your product category. This enables your brand to create product values that suit the local customer needs.

  • Retail Channels

This enables your brand to properly assess the suitability of each retail channel and retailer to your products. We help to evaluate and recommend a distribution channel strategy to ensure that your brand products have the optimum supply management and best fit retail selling.


This Market Structure Analysis is also included in our most popular services: Target Market Analysis, which offers in-depth study of your target product market.


Our Analysis provide you insights to your target market. We offer our recommendations to help your business to yield maximum return on investment. This enables your brand to evaluate its SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis and determine your market strategies.


IngSights also offers other key services to help you start your business: Business Matching Services, Retail Consulting Services and Website Consulting/ SEO Services. Contact us for a discussion today.


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