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Business Matchmaking

Many new businesses enter Singapore’s fast-moving consumer goods industry everyday but not all of them succeed. Some barely make it up to one year before they fizzle out. A key reason for this due to limitation in network and local market knowledge.

As costs of doing business in Singapore is high, every step must be optimized for maximum returns and low cost. Identifying and synergizing with more locally experienced companies helps to create a win-win outcome together.

We know it is challenging for a business entering a new market to find the right partners to synergize. That is why we provide business matchmaking service to bridge the gap. Here are the details of our business matchmaking services.

Coverage of Our Business Matching Services

The business matching services that we provide covers the following:

Business Matchmaking Research

First of all, we will first do a feasibility study on your business and determine its market potentials. This is because we have to be sure that your products are viable enough before we can source for the best companies to partner with you. Then, we identify your most suitable partners out of the companies we have in our database. We will then list them out.

Business Partners Sourcing

At this point we will begin to introduce your business to the prospective partners on our list and also remove the ones that do not indicate interest. After that, we will shortlist the best-matched business partners and provide you with their contact personnels and their details. This saves you time and sourcing work in unfamiliar territories.

Business Matching

This begins with arrangement of meeting appointments between you (our client) and each of the shortlisted partners to discuss the terms of partnership and for you to make your choice.

You will get to meet each of the prospective partners. We will make sure you discuss with every one of them before you make your final choice. We can acoompany you to attend all the meetings so that we can advise and guide you all through the process from this point till when your business is fully established and well grounded.

We will walk you through the details of the category in which you intend to establish your business. We will also help you with the necessary FMCG insights for your target market. For continuous mentorship, we can introduce you to local industry experts who will help nurture your business to success.

You can trust us with your business because we have several years of experience in helping new businesses grow. We know you are starting out in a new market so our charges are very friendly. We are more passionate about making your business a success. Contact IngSights for a quick discussion today!

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