More and more people are embracing the drinking culture in Singapore. When two or three good friends gather, drinking is a good way to enjoy the fellowship and catch up. It is common to see young professionals hanging out at bistros near their workplaces late at weeknights to unwind over a drink or two before heading home.


The trend of people enjoying wines in Singapore is growing. In the past, wine was mainly associated with the elites, it has now become more mainstream. Not only is our wine population growing, but people are getting their first drink at a much younger age. Some are introduced to alcohol as young as 13 years old, when their wine-loving parents host parties at home. Their children can easily transit from carbonated drinks to alcopops and sweet wines.


In recent years, the wine culture in Singapore is getting a boost from the food & beverage industry. Restaurants promote wine-pairing dinners by masterchefs; wine companies conduct wine appreciation courses; and independent groups organise food pairing tours around local eateries. All these propagate the wine culture and open one’s eyes to the intoxicating world of wines.


Singapore has a wide range of wines available at grocery and wine retailers. Many retailers bring in their own exclusive brands. Consumers who are just starting on their wine appreciation journeys tend to choose New World Wines as it is easier to select from labels that contain the grape variety used in producing the wine. More sophisticated and adventurous consumers may prefer Old World wines, appreciating the complexity and heritage these wines represent.


Due to the government’s social objectives of avoiding excessive consumption or indulgence in liquor and tobacco, Singapore imposes quite hefty duties on all types of alcohol. As a result, prices of alcohol are higher than many countries, much to the dismay of tourists who are not accustomed to pay such prices. In local restaurants and bistros, a Napa wine can easily set you back between $100-$130.


The wine culture in Singapore is set to grow. There is big potential to increase the wine-loving population here. With the typical Singaporeans’ passion for travelling, there is room for new variety of wines here. The wine market in Singapore is full of opportunities for growth and new businesses.