Training and Development

Embark on a journey of lifelong learning! Stay ahead of competition by constant upgrading of skillsets and knowledge.

Studies have shown that organisations that put employees’ training and development as a priority are more likely to retain their key performers and staff loyalty. Organizations must constantly assess and identify their staff training and development needs to prepare them for their next positions to achieve higher growth. Good employees want to work for organisations that proactively invest in their professional development. Having a training and development culture within the organisation helps retain talents and make employees feel appreciated.

Training not only improves the employees’ productivity and performance, it also helps organisations to gain a competitive advantage. When an organization invests in improving its employees’ skills and knowledge, this investment is returned in the form of more productive and effective employees. Training is crucial for organizational success and it is indeed fruitful to both employers and employees. With contribution from strong and motivated team members, organisations are better able to stay innovative, be competitive and to drive business growth.

At IngSights, we help organisations to identify competency gaps and recommend training solutions. We conduct Training Needs Analysis to understand your organisation’s needs. As every organisation is unique, we will work with you to develop effective and engaging training solutions, customised to your needs.

We specialise in provide training and workshops for the FMCG industry. We help organisations to develop capabilities in areas such as Category Management, Range & Assortment Planning, Negotiation Skills and more. Our training programmes are highly participative and contextualised to FMCG industry. We cater to on-premise training and on-the-job training for your convenience to optimize learning. We will provide evaluation of our trainings to help you assess the effectiveness and results.

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