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5 Ways To Create A Retail Competitive Edge

Amidst the moans and groans of retailers in the current retail slowdown, there is much to be done to pave the road for a brighter future. It is precisely because of the slower pace of business, we now have time and space to rethink strategies to innovate businesses...

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Celebrate Your Business With National Day

Singapore celebrates National Day on 9 August every year. This year marks the 52 years of Singapore’s Independence from Malaysia, since the year 1965.   Singapore’s National Day is a public holiday. To celebrate the nation’s birthday, there will be a National Day...

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New Business Startup

There is an increasing trend in young Singaporeans to choose the entrepreneurship route, instead of climbing the corporate ladder in a organisation. Freshly graduated from schools and armed with plentiful creativity, young entrepreneurs are passionate about their...

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Wine Culture In Singapore

More and more people are embracing the drinking culture in Singapore. When two or three good friends gather, drinking is a good way to enjoy the fellowship and catch up. It is common to see young professionals hanging out at bistros near their workplaces...

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Be Involved In Your Customer’s Journey

Consumers are increasingly spending more time online and on their mobile devices. Gone are the days where people look forward to devouring news every morning from their daily newspaper. Today, fresh news and latest information are readily available online, on numerous...

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Category Management

Has your organisation adopted Category Management? Most top retailers and FMCG brand owners in the world embrace Category Management in managing their categories. This has become fundamental to achieve success in both businesses.   The Category Management concept...

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